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Saturday, August 8, 2020
Facebook F8-Oculus Quest live VR

Facebook F8: How to follow the launch Oculus Quest live VR

The Facebook F8 2019 conference, during which the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S will be launched, will be broadcast live in virtual reality. Discover how to follow the event from the...
Oculus Quest at the GDC 2019

Facebook Unveils a New Virtual Reality Headset

Facebook unveiled its brand new Oculus Quest stand-alone headset, which will delight virtual reality enthusiasts. Oculus knew how to listen to users' grievances and therefore proposes more powerful, wireless and even...
highly anticipated VR Games

15 highly anticipated Virtual Reality Games coming out in 2020

We loved 2019 for its multitude of virtual reality games released and the focus on new hardware, but 2020 seeks to bring a multitude of big budget titles and refined and...
Virtual Desktop Play PC games

Virtual Desktop: Play PC games on Oculus Quest with Touch

Virtual Desktop now lets you play PC games streaming on Oculus Quest with Oculus Touch controllers. A new feature that will make use simpler and more comfortable. Until now, the Virtual Desktop software was able...
Steam VR

Steam VR: Windows Headsets Pass 10% of Users

For the first time, Windows Mixed Reality virtual reality headsets have passed the 10% Steam VR users. An important step for the ecosystem of Microsoft and its partners. Like every month, the Steam...
HTC Vive Cosmos-CES 2019

HTC Vive Cosmos and Pro Eye: 2 New VR Headsets at CES 2019

HTC Vive has just introduced two new VR headsets as part of CES 2019. The Vive Pro Eye is an enhanced version of the Vive Pro with Eye Tracking, and the...
Magic Leap Full Hand Tracking

Magic Leap now allows full hand Tracking

The latest update to the Magic Leap operating system, Lumin, allows the company to make a new leap with the forward technological tracking while giving the kickoff of the Magicverse. How much...
Massless VR Headset

Massless VR: all about the first stylus designed for Virtual Reality

The Massless VR stylus is available for pre-order now. Discover the price, the launch date, and the technical features of this accessory specially designed for the design in virtual reality. In 2018, Massless unveiled...
Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft unveils HoloLens 2 Augmented Reality Headset with $3500 pre-order

As we had anticipated for several weeks, Microsoft took advantage of the International Mobile World Congress to unveil the new version of its holographic glasses HoloLens. Four years after having unveiled the...
Valve Virtual Reality Headset

Valve: Virtual Reality Headsets will read your Emotions soon

According to Valve, next-generation virtual reality headsets could be equipped with electroencephalogram sensors to capture data on the user's brain activity. VR games could then adapt to the emotions of the player... While...