How to choose your Virtual Reality headset

Want to try the virtual reality experience? Several types of headsets are available on the market. Before you make your choice, here is what you need to know.

There are three types of headsets, using different technologies:

  • The virtual reality headsets lightened
  • Advanced Portable Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Advanced virtual reality headsets

Depending on the virtual reality headset chosen, you will also need a smartphone, computer, or video game console. In addition, in order to make the most of the experience of virtual reality, it is better to have an unobstructed playground and a surface area of ​​at least 3 m². So your trips will be easier.

The different models of headsets

The Virtual Reality Headsets lightened

If you opt for this one, you will enter the virtual world in a simple and economical way. These headsets are sold for around twenty euros. There are also several types of materials available: cardboard, cheaper or plastic, more expensive.

To work, it will need a smartphone compatible with a screen of at least 4.5 inches. This headset is for people who want to discover virtual reality without spending too much. The experience will not be totally immersive, but will allow you to understand how this technology works.

Advanced Portable Virtual Reality Headsets

These are mid-range models that also need a smartphone to work. If you want to play video games, they will be better suited than lightweight virtual reality headsets. Indeed, these offer better controls and are mostly provided with a remote control. They are aimed at people wishing to move to a higher level in virtual reality. In addition, they have several buttons allowing you to choose different modes.

Advanced Virtual Reality Headsets

These are the most expensive headsets on the market, designed with high quality materials. They have a very good resolution and better block the ambient light. These are sold at high prices between $400 and $700. Nevertheless, they are compatible with all smartphones and some will need a computer to work.

Your computer will have to be equipped with a graphics card compatible with virtual reality and a powerful processor. Thus, you can enjoy immersion in your games at 360 degrees. This type of headset is for people who have already had experience with virtual reality.

You now know the different types of virtual reality headsets. It’s up to you to find the one that will match your means and the use you want to make: discovering virtual reality, video games or confirmed use.

If you want to push the immersion further, you can acquire various objects, such as motion controllers to feel the vibrations, temperature variations or odors. However, be aware that virtual reality is not suitable for everyone since it can cause headaches and dizziness. Feel free to ask your questions on if you still have some.