HTC Vive Pro Review

HTC announces the release of HTC Vive Pro, a new version of the Vive wireless headset, designed for VR enthusiasts and businesses. A headband for this new headset and a wireless module compatible with the classic HTC Vive headset will also be available in April.


  • Resolution of the Vive Pro: 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, ie 2880 x 1600 pixels in total
  • Screens HTC Vive Pro: Dual screen AMOLED5 inch 90Hz
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • Vive Pro Audio: Built-in and detachable headphones
  • Connectivity Vive Pro version: USB-C0, Display Port 1.2, Bluetooth
  • HTC Vive Pro price: $799.00
  • Release date: April
  • Pre-order: already available

Update of July 10, 2018:

Its official, the complete Vive Pro 2.0 kit including the Vive pro headset, the two new generation base stations and the two controllers is available at a price of $1399. HTC said in its press release that the new tracking stations will be available individually for purchase later.

The complete kit is available for pre-order since the beginning of July and now available on delivery. It includes headphones, two controllers and motion tracking base stations.

Note that HTC recommends an even more powerful PC than for the classic HTC Vive. Indeed, to make the most of the resolution offered, a high-end video card is recommended.

$1399 is a fairly salty bill that only professionals and some amateurs can afford. A price that is hard to justify though, for the moment, the HTC Vive Pro remains the best virtual reality headset on the market and its system Room Scale the most powerful.

Note, moreover, that you have to count almost $30 of delivery costs. The delivery includes a product tracking code to know where your delivery is.

complete Vive Pro 2.0 kitYou can go to the HTC page to get Vive Pro alone at $799 or the full pack at $1399 hereThe page also offers a link to test your computer and find out if your configuration is powerful enough to work with HTC Vive Pro or if improvements are needed.

HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset Price

The HTC Vive Pro, which was unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas in the United States, will be marketed at 879 euros in Europe. The price in the US will be $799. Note, however, that this price only applies to the headset alone (which also includes the connector and the record).

The latest HTC virtual reality headset is not sold with controllers or base stations. HTC Vive controllers and the station being compatible. To say that it will have to lock $145 more for each controller and $150 for both, see the four base stations.

Even if the device is primarily reseVRed for professionals, the bill is salty. Note, however, that this price allows access, for two months, free Viveport, which lasts 6 months on the order is passed in the next 60 days.

Release date of HTC Vive Pro

The HTC Vive Pro is available now for pre-order on the HTC website hereThe first deliveries will be made quickly since they are planned in the United States for April 5th . For France and Europe, it will wait a little more and a wave “in April” is indicated when placing an order in the hexagon. The first tests and feelings will be done next month for those who still doubt to checkout.

Big drop in price of HTC Vive

The release of the HTC Vive Pro, however, does not sign the end of its predecessor, the HTC Vive. Indeed, the Pro version is, as the name suggests, geared towards professionals. HTC Vive is still relevant for individuals. Good news however, the release of HTC Vive Pro has prompted HTC to significantly lower the price of HTC Vive deemed quite expensive compared to the Oculus Rift for example.

Since March 19, the HTC Vive is now marketed at a price of $480,  a significant drop of $200. It remains to be seen, however, if the difference in price of nearly 300 euros (900 euros if we count the controllers and 2 base stations) between the HTC Vive and the HTC Vive Pro are offset by the technical differences and comfort of both devices.

HTC Vive Pro: the future crown of VR

Mid-February HTC sent the first prototypes of HTC Vive Pro to developers. Some took the opportunity to proudly display their new VR jewel. Owlchemy Labs published on Twitter on February 16, a photo of the Vive Pro.

The rumor is confirmed, HTC has announced the release of a new wireless VR headset for professionals, the Vive Pro. This is a new headset with a premium definition to enhance immersion. According to the Taiwanese firm, it would be aimed at “companies and enthusiasts of VR”.

By contributing to its predecessor, it will have better text clarity and a graphic improvement to enhance the user experience. Vive Pro also features high performance earphones with built-in amplifiers, offering a deep immersion feel and a richer overall sound.

The headset is available in the official shop of the manufacturer  at a price of $799 and will be delivered to the first pre-orders in April.

HTC seems to turn to the manufacture of wireless headphones, an announcement that follows that of the Vive Focus  last January.

An AMOLED display and a new headband for the Vive Pro

Vive Pro includes two  AMOLED displays for a clear and precise image with a resolution of 2880 x 1600 , a 78% increase in resolution compared to the current Vive headset. The HTC Vive Pro has two screens of 3.5 inches at 90HZ. The lenses of the Pro version offer a 110 degree field of view.

This new VR headset for the pros will also be entitled to its new headband.   According to HTC, it has better ergonomics and a better comfort of use. The new HTC Vive Pro accessory is equipped with an adjustment wheel for a more balanced weight distribution that reduces the load on the front of the headset. It will also be equipped with a double microphone with active noise cancellation. The headset has a dual front camera, no more information about it at the moment.

There is a clear need in the virtual reality market for a premium-quality VR experience with a high-resolution image, an integrated audio solution and the best components available today,  “says Daniel O ‘ Brien, GM US of VIVE.”  Vive Pro delivers a much higher level of quality for virtual reality enthusiasts and businesses looking for the best VR experience.

A Vive Wireless adapter for the classic HTC Vive headset and pro

Also unveiled today, the Vive Wireless adapter, the brand’s first wireless adapter, for both the classic HTC Vive and Vive Pro.

Featuring Intel’s WiGig technology, Vive Wireless, offers a “premium wireless” VR experience according to HTC’s announcement. It operates in the free 60 GHz frequency band, allowing for very low latency and better performance. Vive Wireless will be available worldwide in the third quarter of 2018.

Wireless VR technology has been on the wish list of virtually every VR user since the technology was launched,” said Frank Soqui, Intel Corporation’s Virtual Reality Group Managing Director.” By working with HTC to market Intel’s WiGig technology, we are confident that VR wireless technology will benefit the most demanding quality for both home and business users.”

Why the Vive Pro could complicate the deal for Oculus

The presentation of the HTC Vive Pro at CES 2018 is a good new world for the world of virtual reality. But, it is not really sure that optimism is on the side of Oculus.

The HTC Vive Pro, an improved version of its predecessor with improved headphones and a wireless adapter is a logical step for the company. Taken individually or without the power of HTC and its partner Valve, they are almost anecdotal. But, an oveVRiew reveals the potential dangers for the main competitor, Oculus and its Facebook owner.

The Vive Pro, the number 1 platform for gaming?

HTC and Oculus are a bit like the two enemy brothers of the virtual reality market. Opponents to gain market share, partners to convince the general public of the interest of the VR. But as the market approaches maturity, the HTC Vive Pro may well be a serious blow to Oculus. The diversification of Oculus, which was useful for a while, is now in opposition to the premium experience that HTC wants to offer.

The most endangered is without doubt the Santa Cruz project. Neither premium like the Rift or affordable like the Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus Go, it could lose its interest to the public. Above all, analysts agree that the difference will ultimately be on the content side. But at this level, the HTC Vive Pro clearly presents a profile more attractive to developers than the different headsets of Facebook. Maybe enough to make them abandon a platform?

Additional information for launching the Vive Pro

In addition, additional information is starting to filter about the launch of HTC Vive Pro. Perhaps the most important thing is that the headset already has the approval of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an essential step for a launch in the USA. However, we can imagine that the headset will be launched first before Europe.

Finally, a little disappointment. If the HTC Vive Pro will have the right to new controllers, it will be primarily an updated version of those already existing. The “Knuckles” of Valve that were to be released at the end of 2017 will still be waiting a little.

In the meantime, we can always welcome the fact that the updated controllers will have the SteamVR Tracking 2.0 and a clearly improved design. It seems that the delay for the “Knuckles” is to be found on the side of Valve or that the company has decided to sell them independently and not at the same time as a headset.

HTC Vive Pro: a more powerful PC needed to enjoy the 3K

The minimum technical specifications for running the HTC Vive Pro will remain the same as those of the original HTC Vive. On the other hand, the technical features recommended to take full advantage of the improved image definition will increase.

Therefore, to enjoy the 3K, a more powerful PC will be needed for the HTC Vive Pro. Instead of an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1060 graphics card, HTC now recommends a GTX 1070 or equivalent (Quadro P5000 or AMD Radeon Vega 56). Bad news for people who just wanted to resell their HTC Vive to buy this new device. Anyway, remember that the HTC Vive Pro is intended primarily for professionals.

In addition, it is now necessary to have a USB 3.0 port (instead of a USB 2.0 port), a DisplayPort port 1.2 or higher (instead of an HDMI port) and the Windows operating system. 10 or Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 7. These specifications are indicated as minimal by HTC.

HTC Vive Pro versus HTC Vive Business Edition

The  Vive Business Edition  is, as the name suggests, for businesses. Available since June 2014, it costs $1150, against $599 for the classic version.

Here is what the Vive Business Edition contains:

  • Professional License of Use
  • Commercial guarantee
  • VIVE Premium Audio Headband
  • 5 meters cable extension for the headset
  • Flexible use
  • Dedicated line of telephone assistant

In addition to the  Audio VIVE Headset, which costs $119.99, the real added value of this pack is the “dedicated telephone line” available at any time and for any technical question or software. The Vive Business Edition is nothing more than a normal HTC Vive with phone support. No need to compare it with the HTC Vive Pro.

A price significantly higher than HTC Vive

According to HTC Vive China president Alvin Wang Graylin, the price of HTC Vive Pro will be much higher than that of HTC Vive. The manager says that this product is really intended for professionals and not consumers’ lambda. According to him, the exact price of the Vive Pro will be unveiled very soon.

This price increase is not really surprising. After all, remember that the Vive Pro offers technical features up, integrated headphones and cameras. Since the official announcement of the opening of pre-orders, we know the price of HTC Vive Pro, or $799. Surprise, we also learn that the HTC Vive first name also benefits from a tariff update, it now costs $599, or $100 less.

Remember also that the Vive for Business, intended for businesses, is proposed for $1,099.99. This version includes a license for professional use, a commercial warranty, a Deluxe Audio Strap audio headset, and an extension cable. If these elements are also integrated into the Vive Pro, then its price could be even higher.

The HTC Vive Pro: a new connector and another ignition button

Steve Bowler, the co-founder of Cloudgate who received an HTC Vive Pro tweeted some images showing the model. This includes a new system of connectors that includes a box. It will be connected to the PC via three cables and to the headphones via a single cable. This cabling system differs from that of HTC Vive and makes it simpler with a single cable connected to the headset. Hopefully it also means fewer cables getting caught in the feet.

The HTC Vive Pro- new connectorNote that the cable box incorporates a new on / off button. This one is blue and a green light indicates that the equipment is running. The case itself is quite sober and elegant.

The Pro Eye available for purchase

Update: On June 10, 2019, HTC released its HTC Vive Pro EyeThe main difference with the Pro is that it has a camera tracking eye. Thus, the apparatus analyzes the position of the gaze and the attention of the wearer. According to the site of the Taiwanese brand, this can improve experiences and training programs. The creator of an application then knows the reactions of the users.

It can adjust the content accordingly and get closer to the needs of the trades. Similarly, navigation in the menus is found to simplify. In fact, the viewfinder synchronizes more easily with eye movements.

Like the Pro, this product is intended primarily for industrial sectors. Buying the HTC Vive Pro Eye as an individual makes little sense. Especially since its price is scary. It costs almost three times more than its the classic HTC Vive and nearly $500 as its eldest. Its exact price? $1,049.00. 

It contains the headphones, SteamVR base stations, connection boxes, and the various cables necessary for its operation. The pros can purchase the Avantage commercial license for $222. It offers a two-year limited warranty and 24-hour customer seVRice by email.