Oculus Quest at the GDC 2019

During his conference at the GDC, Oculus spent a lot of time on the official presentation of the Oculus Rift S. Few new features on the Quest but a great enthusiasm.

The GCC 2019 conference was an opportunity for Oculus to make the official presentations of the Oculus Rift S, the improved version of the Oculus Rift released in late 2016. The Facebook affiliate mentioned the Quest and gave some rare information. The enthusiasm around the autonomous headset is however palpable as if it were a turning point in the world of virtual reality.

Some information about the Oculus Quest distilled at the GDC

Oculus was very prolix on the Rift S and particularly stingy about his future high-end standalone headset, the Quest. The subsidiary of Facebook, however, distilled a few new information content most of the time to make a redesign of the presentation made during the conference Connect 5. Oculus however we learned that Beat Saber will land well on his autonomous headset even specifying that it “works very well”. Three other games have also been announced for the release of the headset: “Journey to the Gods”, “Shadowpoint” and “Dead and Buried 2”.

However, the Oculus Quest remains The headset that raises enthusiasm. For many experts, this is probably the virtual reality headset by which the democratization of VR will take place. Today’s presentation only served to reinforce this feeling among the public. Oculus’s high-end standalone headset is planned for spring (just like the Rift S). No specific date has been given. It will be marketed at $399, a rate similar to the Rift S which must be connected to a powerful PC.