Best VR Headset 2019 to buy

VR is not necessarily new. But since a few years now, this one finds a renewed interest. Manufacturers such as HTC, Oculus, Sony or Samsung or other companies are fully engaged and offer their innovations in the field. There is something for all budgets and all tastes! Here is a folder on the various models on the market to see a little clearer.

What is VR?

VR stands for Virtual Reality. Thanks to this technology, we can live an experience where our view and our position in space are solicited. The device almost bells the brain and plunges us into a world apart where it is possible to experiment with many things depending on the program launched.

Different models of VR headphones exist, even if the principle remains the same. On the technical side, we observe the screen through lenses and, depending on the model, the calculation is done either by a machine dedicated to this task or by the machine we carry.

PC Headsets

Oculus Rift: The inevitable

Oculus Rift - the best virtual reality headset for PC
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On the computer side, the essence remains the Oculus Rift. More affordable than HTC Vive, it uses a dedicated webcam to capture the infrared signals emitted by the headphones. It includes a removable headset and displays a resolution of 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye (2160 x 1200 pixels total) with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Why is the Oculus Rift recommended?

  • It is very comfortable
  • It incorporates a removable headphones
  • He has a well-supplied games catalog

HTC Vive: The best experience

HTC Vive - the best virtual reality headset
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Then comes the Vive, system born of the collaboration between HTC and Valve (Steam). It is similar to the Oculus, but differs on some points, especially on the space needed since two base stations must be installed for the recognition in space. The infrastructure is a little more imposing, with a bard of cables necessarily passing through a connection box providing the connection between the peripherals and the PC. At the screen level, it shares the same characteristics as the Oculus, namely 1080 x 960 per eye.
Why choose the HTC Vive?

  • For the excellent experience, it offers
  • For its excellent design
  • For ease of installation

HTC Vive Pro: The latest

HTC Vive Pro - the novelty for PC
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Unveiled at CES 2018, the HTC Vive Pro takes the continuation of the Vive with its lot of improvements. For starters, the definition goes to 1400 x 1660 pixels for each eye, or 2880 x 1660 for both always with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a field of view at 110 °. It has also undergone a small makeover and now incorporates Hi-res headphones.
Why opt for the HTC Vive Pro?

  • For the auricles, it integrates
  • For improved display
  • For its improved comfort

Mixed Reality Headset: Diversity

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
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Microsoft has also entered the dance with its platform Windows Mixed Reality, which associates – according to the constructor – augmented and virtual realities. Six headsets were developed from a common frame (Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung) leaving the choice to the user. They stand out from the competition by their accessibility and ease of use.

Since the base meets the criteria imposed by Microsoft, these headphones share the same characteristics, namely an LCD screen with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels and a maximum field of view of 105 ° and a refresh rate up to at 90 Hz. All headsets come with the same two wireless mixed reality motion controllers.

Why buy a Mixed Reality headset?

  • For their accessibility
  • For their ease of use
  • For the diversity of choice

Console Headsets

Sony PlayStation VR: The one and only

PlayStation VR, the best virtual reality helmet for consoles
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Side consoles, hard to get lost: there is only PS VR on PlayStation 4. An external box comes to ensure certain functions to relieve the console and the PlayStation Camera, mandatory element, is obviously provided with. Sony’s device is cheaper, but also less powerful. However, this allows players who do not have a state-of-the-art PC to get into VR at a lower cost.

Regarding its features, it offers a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels (960 x 1080 for each eye) and a refresh rate of 90 Hz (120 Hz in cinema mode). The field of vision does not change, it stays in the 100 °

Why do we recommend PSVR?

  • For its affordable price
  • For its simplicity of use
  • For the comfort he offers

Samsung Gear VR 2017: The controller

Samsung Gear VR - the best virtual reality headset for mobile
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Samsung has partnered with Oculus to develop the Gear VR. The headset is quite functional, with dedicated buttons and a touchpad on the side. A controller can be used as a remote control as well as the joystick. The headset has a viewing angle of 101 ° and is compatible with the following smartphones, depending on the model: Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 +, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge +, S6, S6 edge.

Why choose the Samsung Gear VR 2017?

  • For adding the controller to the old version
  • For its broad compatibility with Samsung smartphones
  • For its quality/price ratio

Google Daydream: The comfort of the fabric

Google Daydream View (2017) - the outsider of virtual reality for mobile
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The other alternative comes from Google, with its Daydream platform and Daydream View headset. Officially, only about ten smartphones are compatible with this equipment, but it is possible to override this restriction to use it with any terminal. The remote control is provided for navigation and games.

If you would like to see an overview of Daydream certified devices: ASUS ZenFone AR, Google Pixel and Pixel 2, Huawei Mate 9 Pro / Porsche Design Mate 9, LG V30, Moto Z / Z Force / Z2 Force, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 / S8 / S8 +, ZTE Axon 7.

Why take the Google Daydream?

  • Its broad compatibility
  • For the different colors proposed
  • For its comfort

Autonomous Headsets

The last category is still expanding. The standalone headsets are all-in-one devices that make it possible to get rid of a PC, a console or a smartphone. They do not need to be connected to work. You will understand, the interest is to be able to do a complete headset that embeds all the necessary to enjoy the VR without encumbering cables, cameras, and other armadas.

Oculus Go: The immersive

Oculus Go - the best autonomous virtual reality headset

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Recently marketed, the Oculus Go is a standalone headset halfway between the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. It comes with a 5.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a QHD definition, a refresh rate of 72 Hz maximum and a 110 ° field of view, a Snapdragon 821 coupled with 6 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of storage internal and a battery of 2600 mAh.

Why do we recommend Oculus Go?

  • For its good design
  • For the immersive experience, it proposes
  • For the richness of its catalog of applications and games

The best VR Headsets at a low price:

Tepoinn 3D VR

Tepoinn 3D VR
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This very simple headset enjoys a manufacturing quality of very good quality. There are no frills, the design is really basic, but the assembly is serious, it’s obviously the main thing. The comfort is quite correct, with good padding around the eyes and straps that hold the headset very well in place. It is compatible with all smartphones from 4.5 to 5.7 inches, and therefore with the most mobile market.

The quality of the lenses is very good. There are no defects or almost and the 3D is highlighted. The settings are precise and the mechanisms are solid. We can therefore perfectly adjust the headphones to our vision or our morphology, without being afraid of damaging the dials settings. It is a headphone that sells very well thanks to its price, but users are then rather happy.


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This headset is first sold at a price unbeatable. You will not be ruined to discover the virtual reality. However, it is not because it is cheap that it is not efficient. The plastics are of average quality, but the assembly is good and the ergonomics are really amazing. Everything has been thought out so that the headset is pleasant to use and adapted to a maximum of the user. It is thus possible to adjust each lens in depth and in spacing. Certainly, the systems are not ultra-precise, but we end up getting an optimal setting.

The lenses are of good quality. There may be some deformations on the screen, but nothing really bad. The 3D effect is really good, and for this price, we do not ask for anything better. The front panel comes off to let the camera film (for augmented reality), there are vents to not heat that accumulates, and notches to connect the headphones or charge the smartphone. In short, it is a really complete headset that costs almost nothing. Difficult not to advise him.

Homido V2

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Homido is a French company that has managed to create the sensation on the virtual reality market, thanks to a first version of the Homido headset that has sold more than 100,000 copies. With this success, the brand now offers a version 2, which has erased the faults of his elder. The quality of manufacture is far above what we are used to seeing, the materials are robust, and the assembly is really perfect. Compatibility is very good, and we can install almost all smartphones recent market.

The lenses are wide and offer an angle of more than 100 °, higher than the average. They are very clear and absolutely perfect. There are no flaws or deformations, and if the image is slightly blurred it will probably be the fault of the poor resolution of the video, but never to this headset. It is appreciated that this Homido V2 is sold with a spare foam for the eye area, and especially a rigid carrying case. It is a high-end headphone, which will be kept for a long time and which absolutely does not disappoint.

BlitzWolf VR

BlitzWolf VR
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This headset is really a good surprise. Sold at a very competitive price, it is really very good quality. It offers wide-angle and high-quality wide-angle lenses that offer an absolutely stunning image quality. It is also compatible with all smartphones, even the largest since it can accommodate screens up to 6.3 inches. If you are not sure which headphones to buy for fear that your smartphone is not compatible then go for it. Your mobile is definitely back inside.

In use, it is relatively simple. The smartphone is easily placed, and the smartphone stays perfectly in place. The comfort is in addition to the party, with straps that ideally distribute the weight. The eye contour is well padded while remaining soft, in short, it feels good with this headset on the head. The icing on the cake, it is sold with a Bluetooth controller that allows us to manage our applications or our videos, without taking the smartphone out of the headset, and also to play our favorite games. It is a complete kit of good quality of which it is about, and considering the price, you would be wrong to deprive you of it.

Elegiant 3D VR

Elegiant 3D VR
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After a first version that had sold very well, Elegiant returns with a new headset still much better. It is very simple but it goes to the essential. Comfort is optimal, including thoughtful straps that distribute the weight in the best way. The eye contour is tender, and the material allows to breathe the skin. Ventilation allows the heat to escape, to avoid problems of fogging on the lenses. The build quality is really good, with good materials and ergonomics that makes this headset very convenient.

The lenses are wide and offer a large angle. They are of good quality, there are no deformations or chromatic aberrations, and the 3D effect is really very good. It is compatible with all smartphones between 4 and 6 inches, and so it will make the happiness of most users. It is sold at a really competitive price for the quality offered. It is a headset that will be kept for a long time and allows us to discover the VR at lower cost with quality equipment.

Why do you have to own a VR headset?

Some say that virtual reality is just a fad, and others, like me, are convinced that VR will become a technology that everyone will use in the coming years. Besides the phenomenon is already underway, and it is certainly not for nothing that Google, YouTube or Facebook invest a lot of money in this market. The possibilities are really many since we can already immerse the user in virtual universes, totally invented or real, filmed with a 360 ° camera to discover the world without leaving home.

For the video game

It was for this application that many players were looking forward to the RV. We will not lie, for now, we have to spend a lot of money to play games that are not superb, thanks to very high-end headphones, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. It’s very expensive, and it’s more than enough disappointing for now.

With VR headsets for smartphones, it’s obviously not better. There are some cool games for the price, but nothing really transcendent. However, we realize the possibilities, and we know that in a few years VR games will be much more beautiful, more immersive and they will be completely part of the gaming landscape. For now, if you want to discover the game in virtual reality, it is better to turn to the headsets at a low price that I quote above.

VR video, multiple applications

It is for the moment that the VR headsets for smartphones offer the most satisfaction. By filming the real world, the user is allowed to live experiences that he sometimes could not live in real life.

For Travel

We are not all lucky to be able to visit the planet. To give yourself a taste, choose a trip, or just go out of your room while staying, the VR headset is the only solution. It’s cold at home, but in a few seconds, you can find yourself on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. You can sit on a bench not far from the Eiffel Tower to see the atmosphere of Paris, discover the Pyramids of Egypt, the Ruins of Old Rome, the canals of Venice, or the Casinos of Las Vegas.

For Sport

The VR 360 ° format is gradually replacing the GoPro format. Some athletes share their experiences. We put the headset on the head and we find ourselves on a surf, in a cage underwater, at the very top of Everest, in a race car, on a BMX, on skis, etc. We can look in all directions and live some of the emotions felt by the athlete in question.

It’s a very interesting video format, and a way to watch much more immersive. If you are sometimes surprised by a video on your TV screen, tell yourself that the experience is increased tenfold with a VR headset. You are in the sportsman’s place, you cannot act but you can look absolutely everywhere, it’s amazing, exciting, sometimes scary, in short, it makes live emotions. Without moving into the body of an athlete, one can simply become a spectator of an event. Have you always dreamed of seeing the Champions League final, experiencing an NBA match in the front row, being in the best position for an F1 race? This is already possible with a VR headset. You sit on your couch, put your headset on your head, and sit in the middle of the audience. Again you can turn your head to look where you want, and it’s even possible to miss an action if you focus too much on a pretty supporter sitting behind you. In short, you almost live the moment.

For Art & Concerts

What is valid for sport is also valid for art or concerts. You can visit the Louvre or many museums without having to leave your home. The headset then becomes really playful. Instead of watching a 2D image on a computer screen, we see the statues in 3D and especially the decorations at 360 °.

Ditto for the concerts. You are in the middle of the crowd, close to your favorite star and you live the mood of this moment. It will probably never be as real as a real concert, but again it’s much more immersive than just a video. In addition, you can relive the experience several times and even share it with friends.

For Education

The VR headset is also a fun and educational device. If you are a student, use this argument to get your parents to buy a good quality VR headset. You will be able to integrate virtual classrooms to perfect your knowledge. You can learn another language by immersing yourself regularly with people who speak English or Spanish.

For your studies in history or geography, you can discover places but also objects in 3D. It is even possible to meet on Mars or on the moon. In short, the VR headset really pushes you to discover. If flipping through the pages of a book, or searching the internet is never very fun, the VR headset will often make searches and especially discoveries much more fun.

For Fun

Finally, there is still a sector that is all the rage in the world of virtual reality, and for once it will avoid talking to your parents … This is obviously porn. There are now thousands of videos for over 18 years, where it becomes possible to have virtual sex quite bluffing. You find yourself in the place of a voyeur or even a porn star (male or female), and you live experience for the least amazing. After a trip, a surfing tour, and a few visits to historical sites, you will have the right to relax a little.