HP Reverb G2

HP presents the successor to its Reverb virtual reality headset, soberly called G2. The manufacturer had unveiled the contours at the end of March with a rather dark overview. Today the veil is fully lifted on this PCVR headset from the Windows Mixed Reality range.

To talk about the Reverb G2, we must first explain that this product is the result of the collaboration of HP, Microsoft and Valve. However, it is especially the latter who brought his expertise and helped Hewlett-Packard delivered a helmet “without compromise”. Thus, if it takes up certain points from the G1, including the Inside-Out tracking part, it improves many others. Note that Microsoft is responsible for tracking and 6DoF.

HP particularly wanted to focus on the display which is progressing with a resolution of the LCD screens of 2160 x 2160 per eye. The field of vision does not change however and remains 114 °. The refresh rate of these screens is 90 Hz.

Reverb G2 uses Valve Index speakers

On the sound side, this may not have escaped you, because their design is unchanged. The pair of headphones is exactly the same as that of the Valve Index. The Reverb G2 therefore borrows from its cousin its acoustics. The headphones do not touch the ears, but are spaced 10 mm apart. In addition, they deliver a spatial sound that automatically directs the sound to create an even stronger feeling of immersion.

HP also wanted to focus on the comfort of the headset. This is why the weight distribution has been reviewed, as has the quality and density of the foams. Moreover, the helmet displays on the scale a weight of 550 g. It also incorporates a lens gap adjustment system (IPD) to better match all types of facial morphology. The cable supplied in the box to connect it to the PC is 6 meters long and is thinner than on the previous generation.

G2 availability in fall 2020

The Reverb G2 is now equipped with 4 cameras for better tracking of movements. The controllers have evolved and take over the more generic construction that is found in other brands. The buttons are therefore renamed in ABX and Y. HP announces that the controllers should pair more quickly in Bluetooth. However, the helmet does not support hand tracking.

With this Reverb G2, HP focuses on comfort and image quality to offer a good experience to gamers. Because this is their priority target. But not only that, as recent events have shown, virtual reality is also an excellent space for creation, education and collaboration in general.

The HP Reverb G2 will be available for pre-order in France from July for delivery scheduled for September. Its price is $599.