The Best VR Helmets in 2018

Technology now allows you to be immersed in hot scenes with your favorite actresses and still wonder if it’s worth a try? Ok, so I’ll try to tell you everything. For me, there is no doubt, virtual reality is the future, except that it is already there. So I do not see a fault in owning a virtual reality headset since it does not prevent you from using your smartphone or computer usually. It is merely an additional tool to have fun, or even to travel a bit. On this page, we will present you a comparison of the best VR headset with its buying guide and explanations illustrate with test and advice.

Compare Best Virtual Reality Headphones for Smartphone (VR)

What are the best current headphones for watching your favorite 3D videos? The offer is more extensive, but I was able to test some models, at very competitive prices and accessible. Here are some headphones, some very basic for you to prove the virtual reality, and others more complete when you understand that you love it.

Google Cardboard Reviews

Google Cardboard - VR HeadsetGoogle designed the first model of Cardboard, but today, many manufacturers have taken this concept. So I tested the model from Jeco. It must be mounted, it is a little tricky, but then it does rather well work. There is no comfort, it is necessary to hold the helmet with one hand, but we discover the virtual reality for an utterly derisory cost. Check out the full review/review of this cheap headset by clicking here.

Tera VR Box helmet

The Tera VR Box is part of the pleasant surprises. This is again a premier price model to fight against the competition cardboard models, but it is well done. It is pretty with its white painted plastic, and ergonomic. It hosts most smartphones with a drawer very well thought out and has adjustable straps to adjust to mine to our head, ensuring excellent support. It is a little heavy, but still quite comfortable for the price. Its lenses are powerful, and allow a superb immersion for 3D videos. Click here to discover the full test/review.

Elegant 360 reviews headset

Elegiant 3D VRStill a delightful surprise with this medium range headphone. It is a little expensive more than the models above, but we gain in comfort of use. He too is of course equipped with elastic and adjustable straps, but especially a thick foam for the eye area, which isolates us well from the outside light, while being comfortable to wear. It is not too heavy, we can adjust the lenses to our view, and immersion is really at the rendezvous. With a smartphone with a best screen and sound sensors, it’s a great headphone. Check out the full review/review of this headset by clicking here.

HOMIDO-V2 Headset VR Premium-reviews

Homido is a French company that is striving to create a name for itself, and this helmet already helps them a lot in their progress. It is equipped with curved lenses to allow even better immersion on 3D videos. Indeed, the result is satisfying, and it feels like the virtual places that we visit. The angle of 100 ° is for many, where many helmets do not exceed 95 °. The comfort is pretty good, the maintenance also, and in the end, one gets a VR headset of excellent quality. Click here to see the full review after testing.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung Gear VR - the best virtual reality headset for mobileSamsung gear VR review It’s not because it’s my helmet, but it’s just the best in the world, maybe even the galaxy. It is more expensive than all the masks mentioned above, but there is a good reason for that. The Gear VR is not just a case; it is equipped with its sensors (accelerometer, and gyroscope), which make it gain fluidity. Whatever the helmets, we usually feel a slight shift, which ends up causing a few words of heads. Here, the fluidity is total, one turns the head on the right, and one sees really where one looked to look. It’s bluffing. Everything is not perfect so far, it is comfortable but can do better, and most importantly, it lacks adjustment for lenses, which is a little disappointing. It can also be equipped only with some Samsung smartphones, as always in the Korean giant. Check out the opinion of the Gear VR after a full test on this link.


Comparative best autonomous VR headsets (without the smartphone)

Oculus Go: The revival of virtual reality!

Oculus Go - the best autonomous virtual reality headsetOculus test He arrived in 2018, with a lot of waiting, and he did not disappoint. It is probably the VR headset that will revolutionize virtual reality to make it accessible to as many people as possible. It is a 100% free helmet. It does not need a smartphone or connection to a pc. Just put it on your head to start the experiment. The content is already impressive since the Oculus Go headset uses the Gear VR catalog. We have access to an impressive number of games, and just as many applications. The quality is awe-inspiring, and the immersion is perfect. If you had tried the first VR headsets with a bit of disappointment, this one should make you want to be interested in virtual reality. It is clear what is the best at the moment, whether regarding use, comfort and especially value for money.

Oculus Rift: The reference

Oculus Rift - the best virtual reality headset for PCOculus rift test-launched in 2016, Oculus Rift is the VR helmet developed by Facebook. It is he who has launched the virtual reality, announcing itself as a revolution at least as high as the appearance of the smartphone. It is clear that this is not really what happened, but we must still recognize the qualities of this high-end VR headset. It is a beautiful helmet, very well thought out, not too heavy and perfectly adjustable. Once on the head, it is not annoying and even somewhat comfortable. Headphones are directly mounted on the headset, and two controllers will allow us to manage all games and applications. The content is vast with many titles; players inevitably take their foot. Immersion is much better than with a smartphone VR headset.

For video, it’s bluffing. If you want to be in the heart of the action, then you will find it hard to better. The Oculus Rift offers an optimal definition, adapted to the best videos. So yes, the Oculus Rift is a bit expensive, and you need a powerful PC to use it. This is part of the reason why the general public is still not interested in it. Anyway, if you are looking for the best of the best, it is here that you will find it.

HTC Vive: The fierce competitor

HTC Vive - the best virtual reality headsetHTC vivid VR test The Oculus Rift had only one competitor at its exit, and it is a big competitor. As for chocolate bread and chocolate, there are pros and cons, with Oculus lovers and fans of the HTC Vive. It can be said that the competitor has, in any case, succeeded his bet by competing his commercial opponent wonderfully. Technologically they are very close, with a similar definition and claiming the same power. The HTC Vive was even perhaps more successful in its release since it already had two controllers of excellent quality, which came later to Oculus. The helmet is still comfortable, although a bit heavier. When we love new technologies and virtual reality, we forget that said this weight very quickly. The immersion is excellent, with a good sound at the level of the speakers, and especially impressive 3D depth.

PlayStation VR: The excellent price/quality ratio

PlayStation VR, the best virtual reality helmet for consolesIt was finally Sony that made the right choice. The PlayStation VR is just another accessory for the self-sufficient PlayStation 4 game console. The headset costs two to three times cheaper than its competitors, and the user is much simpler since it does not require a computer competition. As a result, the PS4 VR is the free virtual reality headset that sells best in recent years.

The definition for each eye is less than that of VR headsets above, but for the quality of games currently available, it’s ultimately enough, and we do not see much difference with the PC competitors. The game catalog is impressive and growing ever larger. Also, if you want to use the Sony headset for many video applications. Because of this, we are not limited to the console, and we can enjoy all our favorite VR sites, even the hottest ones.

The PlayStation VR headset is undoubtedly the revelation of recent years, and it is he who advances this technology by bringing it to the general public. If you have a PS4 console, then obviously you have to save a bit to pay for this VR headset. It’s a purchase you cannot regret and that boosts the possibilities of your console considerably.