4 major VR Headsets

In the coming months, the Oculus Quest, the Oculus Rift S, the HP Reverb and the Valve Index will be released. These 4 virtual reality headsets are highly anticipated. A short overview of what lies ahead.

If you read us regularly then you know that in the coming months will come out four virtual reality headsets particularly expected. We take stock of the information that is already available to us.

The Oculus Quest: Without doubt the most anticipated of the 4 VR headsets

Oculus QuestThis Oculus standalone headset is Go’s big brother. Not by its release date but by its superior features. Here, we are getting closer to what the Oculus Rift offers but in an autonomous version. Unlike Go, which offers only three degrees of freedom, the Oculus Quest will offer 6 degrees of freedom to move up. Better games will include Beat Saber, Superhot VR, Job Simulator, Moss, Robo Recall, etc.

Many believe that the Quest will be one of the VR headsets that will democratize virtual reality to the general public. No exact date of release announced if not a wave during the spring of 2019. The headset will be quite affordable with a price of $400.

The Oculus Rift S: an improved Rift without Room Scale

Oculus Rift S ReviewOculus Rift S is an evolution of the classic Oculus Rift. It offers some welcome improvements including the absence of Room Scale. The on-board tracking system makes it much easier to set up. The screen will also offer higher resolution and better clarity. Like its predecessor, the Rift S will however require a powerful PC especially with regard to the video card.

Just like the Oculus Quest, there is no exact release date for the Rift S. Oculus has, for these two VR headsets, mentioned a release date in the spring. The headset will cost him, too, 400 dollars.

The HP Reverb: a WMR headset for pros

HP ReverbThe HP Reverb is the second HP headset that uses the Windows Mixed Reality (MWR) platform. It works on a PC and also uses, like the Rift S, an integrated tracking system. Its design is improved compared to its successor as screens that offer a better resolution.

Note that the HP Reverb is one of these headsets VR thought primarily for professionals and businesses even if individuals will be able to get it. Motion tracking, which only uses two cameras, will not be optimal, especially for games. HP Reverb should be out by the end of April, so soon. It will take $600 for individuals and $650 for businesses to purchase HP’s new VR headset.

Valve Index: The least known of the 4 VR headsets

Valve IndexValve is a key player in virtual reality, particularly for its collaboration with HTC Vive. Little information, however, filtered on this first VR headset manufactured only by Valve. It seems that the headset has been optimized for Steam VR, owned by Valve. It is very likely that the headset will be launched with an exclusive game. The Valve Index will be sold with Knuckles home controllers.

We do not have, for the moment, other technical information on this headset. However, the pre-orders starting soon (the first of May), we will certainly have new information very soon. No indication either on the price of this headset.

Other VR headsets coming out soon?

The HTC Cosmos was announced for the beginning of the year 2019. However, it is quiet flat on the side of HTC and we cannot certify that the headphones will be released soon or not.

A Short Guide to the 4 major VR Headsets to be released this Spring
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A Short Guide to the 4 major VR Headsets to be released this Spring
In the coming months, the Oculus Quest, the Oculus Rift S, the HP Reverb and the Valve Index will be released. A short overview of what lies ahead.
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