Valve Index-Review of the new VR headset

That’s it! The Valve Index is finally available since June 28, 2019. The first buyers had the chance to receive the VR headset, and this is also the case of major US websites dedicated to technology. To discover what this new device is worth, we offer you a press review of the Valve Index tests.

With its Valve Index headset, the creator of Steam finally launches its own VR headset. This is an important step for the US Company, which seems determined to compete with market leaders like HTC Vive and Oculus.

On paper, the Index is a product that has everything to establish itself as one of the best high-end headphones on the market. However, to check if a VR headset keeps its promises, it is necessary to try it. That’s why we invite you to discover the opinion of the big American media on this new device.

According to The Verge, the Valve Index has many qualities. It is both comfortable and powerful, with an impressive definition and field of vision. The American magazine also highlights the quality of the controllers.

However, the website laments an extremely high price, and the need to have to connect it to a PC. An even bigger drawback, now that wireless headsets like the Oculus Quest are available. Thus, The Verge advises above all the Index to gamers who intend to use it very regularly or companies that will use it for professional use.

For its part, the video game website Polygon believes that the Valve Index is the best virtual reality headset ever. Again, it is primarily the definition and the field of vision of the screen and Knuckles controllers who are acclaimed.

And this, despite a certain difficulty in the installation related to the calibration of the tracking or the connection of cables and many crashes SteamVR. Overall, Polygon recommends this headset to those who want to enjoy the best VR experience at any price and have a PC powerful enough to run it.

Valve Index: the best VR headset on the market despite a high price

The IGN website makes the same observation, considering that the Valve Index is a VR headset for those who have a powerful PC, enough space to have the sensors, and the desire to take advantage of the most precise controllers on the market. It is therefore in his eyes the best VR headset on the market, even if it will take some time for this device turned to the future reveals its full potential.

Engadget is no less laudatory, and believes that the Index offers “almost everything we’ve always wanted from a VR headset”. The website praises the quality of the image, the feeling of realistic presence, the comfort, the tracking of the fingers offered by the controllers, or the very stable motion tracking system. He deplores however a price decidedly thought for the pros, the disadvantages of the wired connection, and the difficulty to install the external sensors.

In summary, the US media are impressed by the Valve Index and consider it to be the best VR headset available today. In terms of performance, comfort and immersion, the Index outperforms the competition thanks to its screen and its controllers. A new course is crossed for the VR with this headset, even if its price reserves it for the moment to the most demanding users…