Virtual Reality Games on the Oculus

This is the day of the American National Day, July 4th. If Donald Trump scrolls the tanks in Washington, virtual reality lovers have something to look after.

Equivalent American July 14, this date has a very important importance on the other side of the Atlantic. C ‘is why Oculus made a small selection that should even please all fans of the genre. Here are four videos that will allow you to celebrate, in virtual reality, the 4th of July American National Day.

Masterworks: Journey through History

You cannot afford a plane ticket to the United States? Virtual reality allows you to visit the best American sites, from Mount Rushmore to the Colorado Mountains. This tourist experience features on the Rift, Oculus Go and Gear VR.

The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama

Donald Trump does not only have fans. Some bitterly regret his predecessors. This award-winning documentary offers you a visit to the Holy of Holies of the White House.

National Holiday: Vacation Simulator

Do you want to take a holiday for the US National Day? To make a little selfie, to ride a bike, all without leaving your home? It’s on the Rift that it’s happening.

The Cooking Game VR

Do you need to practice burgers or hot dogs, these very American dishes? This little experiment without too much pretension should distract you on the Rift, the Oculus Go or the Gear VR.