Viro Move-Virtual Reality game

Viro Move is a new virtual reality game specially designed to make you sweat until you lose weight. A new reference in the VR Fitness market?

Since the early days of the VR Gaming industry, virtual reality games have been amazingly effective at exercising and losing weight. Without even realizing it, absorbed by the entertainment, many players have done more physical effort than usual playing in the RV.

In 2018, a man had lost 5 pounds in a week by diving into Skyrim VR. Similarly, a Beat Saber fan managed to lose 14 pounds by playing regularly.

It did not take more to give birth to the VR Fitness industry. In March 2019, Black Box VR opened the first gym that combines fitness and VR in San Francisco. Other companies have chosen to focus entirely on this promising niche…

Viro Move: the new reference in VR Fitness?

Today, the Fit Reality studio announces the launch of Viro Move: a VR game specially designed to make you sweat until you lose weight. Yes yes, it’s up to you!

The title is actually three different games: the boxing mode that will move your arms, the shooter mode in which you will have to dodge enemy fire and counterattack, and the sword mode that closely resembles Beat Saber. Each of these games is designed to burn you calories, and your stats will be tracked to help you reach your goals.

Viro Move will be available soon on Steam, although the exact launch date is not yet specified. The game will be compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and probably Valve Index headsets.