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Do you think virtual reality is a sedentary activity? We have a good (or bad it is) new for you. Fitness activities are waiting for you. We chose the best.

The idea is of course obvious to mix a game in virtual reality with a physical activity. How to add a touch of play to the sport, the exercise that is often done backwards?

Virtual reality offers new possibilities beautifully embodied by Black Box VR. However, for those who do not have the gym of the future, we have selected attractive alternatives.

Here is the list of the best virtual reality fitness games that will make you sweat and get some exercise while having fun … These games are available in the Viveport Infinity program.

Box VR: boxing in virtual reality

Give honour where honour is due. This boxing game in virtual reality will satisfy lovers of intense sport in virtual reality. No need to go get your cardio at the gym, you can burn calories easily from your living room.

Compatible: Vive and Oculus Rift.

Dance Collider: dance rhythm and fitness

Some see dance as a relaxing activity. However, those who practice it intensively, know that it is obviously wrong. Dance Collider, offers dance and rhythm through eight different genres of music that will teach you how to work coordination and rhythm. What to make your heart beat a little faster, and encourage you to start the next day. Attention it is quickly addictive!

Compatible: Vive and Oculus Rift.

Knockout League: fitness and fighting

Unlike many other experiences, here everything has been designed with virtual reality in mind. It’s an arcade game that will make you push your limits ever further. A virtual coach will even help you combine business with pleasure. You can both spend energy and learn new types of fights. On the program, a lot of movement and calories that fly away with this VR fitness game.

Compatible: Vive and Oculus Rift

Hotel Transylvania Popstic: rhythm and play

No doubt, you already know the franchise Hotel Transylvania impossible to be missed. But you probably wonder about the link with fitness. This experience in virtual reality will keep you going and increase your body movements. It will quickly go up and down your body, avoid lasers … a lot of reflexes on the menu but also a lot of fun. We can only advise you to get started quickly with this VR fitness game.

Compatible: Vive and Oculus Rift.

Virtual Sports: Real VR Sport

Finally, the last game of our selection offers a real return to the sources of sport in the world of video games. With Virtual Sports, we find an ideal alternative to those rainy days or that simply do not inspire you. This virtual reality experience invites you to play table tennis or classic tennis. The ideal way to play it Roger Federer way without leaving the house. The good news is that your laziness will still be rewarded at the exercise level. The opportunity also to discover these activities if you have never had the opportunity.

Compatible: Vive and Oculus Rift

Viveport Infinity: 5 VR fitness games that will really make you sweat
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Viveport Infinity: 5 VR fitness games that will really make you sweat
The list of the best VR fitness games that will make you sweat and get some exercise while having fun those are available in the Viveport Infinity program.
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