Facebook launches Augmented Reality ads

Facebook will add interactive ads to its social network. Some of these pubs will rely notably on augmented reality, for example to allow the user to try makeup…

The advertising is allowing Facebook to generate profit while offering its service for free. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the firm Mark Zuckerberg exploit the latest technologies to offer ads in an innovative format.

Today, Facebook announces the deployment of interactive ads on the user news feed. For example, one of these interactive pubs will be an augmented reality experience that allows users to try different shades of make-up products. A feature similar to what YouTube has already been offering since June 2019 for “tuto makeup” type videos.

Facebook will let you test products via Augmented Reality

In addition, commercials for mobile video games will soon be able to try a demo of the game directly on the social network before deciding whether to download it. Finally, Facebook announces the advertisements in the form of a survey, directly inspired by the survey functionality added to the Stories on Instagram at the beginning of the year.

By viewing these videos, viewers will be able to choose between different options. These new-style ads have the advantage of gaining users’ attention as they scroll through their newsfeeds, and also increase engagement as users interact directly with the content.

Augmented reality ads will be available to beta ad agencies sometime in the fall of 2019, and should arrive soon after in your news. However, these interactive features will only be available to users logging in via the Facebook mobile app. For good reason, augmented reality is based on the phone’s camera.