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Blog Archives - The VR Headset
Friday, November 27, 2020
Magic Leap One

Magic Leap One: The latest on Mixed Reality glasses, prices and reviews

Magic Leap has finally commercialized its "augmented reality" or "mixed reality" headset: the Magic Leap One. The American firm, based in Florida, aims to mix the virtual and the real. Developed since 2011...
How to choose your Virtual Reality headset

How to choose your Virtual Reality headset?

Want to try the virtual reality experience? Several types of headsets are available on the market. Before you make your choice, here is what you need to know. There are three types of headsets,...
Beat Saber - the best tips

Beat Saber: the best tips to improve your score

Check out all the tips and techniques to improve your high score in the VR Beat Saber rhythm game and get the best score. If Beat Saber is a pretty easy game to...
Viro Move-Virtual Reality game

Viro Move: a Virtual Reality game designed to help you lose weight

Viro Move is a new virtual reality game specially designed to make you sweat until you lose weight. A new reference in the VR Fitness market? Since the early days of the VR...
Multiplayer Games

VR Multiplayer: Top of the Best Multiplayer Games in Virtual Reality

Multiplayer games in virtual reality are more and more numerous and offer more pleasant, original and entertaining experiences ever. Check out our selection of the top 10 virtual reality multiplayer games...
virtual reality and augmented reality market

China will spend a lot of money on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

A report released by International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals the scale of the market that is getting ready in China. Expenditure is expected to exceed 65.21 billion by 2023. China has long been...
highly anticipated VR Games

15 highly anticipated Virtual Reality Games coming out in 2020

We loved 2019 for its multitude of virtual reality games released and the focus on new hardware, but 2020 seeks to bring a multitude of big budget titles and refined and...
Comparative 2018 VR Headsets

Comparative 2020 VR Headsets: The Best for Virtual Reality (VR)

You do not have a virtual reality headset for your smartphone yet? Know that you are already behind your time. The VR is already there, there are hundreds of games, as...
Viveport Infinity

Viveport Infinity: 5 VR fitness games that will really make you sweat

Do you think virtual reality is a sedentary activity? We have a good (or bad it is) new for you. Fitness activities are waiting for you. We chose the best. The idea is of course...
Augmented reality on iPhone

Augmented Reality on iPhone: The Best Apps to download in 2019

Thanks to Apple's ARKit framework, in 2019 there are many augmented reality applications for iOS on iPhone and iPad. To understand how revolutionary this technology is, check out the top augmented reality...