Magic Leap now has Sketchfab compatibility

Magic Leap continues its off-road deployment after an already ambitious recent update. From now on, Sketchfab will be compatible. All but a surprise, but a real good news.

The start-up from New York Sketchfab is often at the forefront of new augmented reality, so it is not surprising that this deployment occurs so quickly for the Magic Leap One.

Sketchfab: the first WebXR partner

Magic Leap has just announced that Sketchfab will be its first WebXR partner, a new feature introduced with the Lumin OS 0.96 update. This will allow creators to see and interact directly with the application’s large object library. “In terms of content, this means that there is now a library of over 3,000,000 3D models – the largest library of user-generated volumetric content – that can be accessed with Magic Leap” explains Alban Denoyal, the co-founder of Sketchfab.

For those who are not yet familiar with the Magic Leap One platform, this means that they can actually access 3D content through the native Helio browser and interact with augmented reality content. “On the utilities side, that means any 3D creator can explore their own creations on Magic Leap by simply posting them to their Sketchfab account,” Denoyal concludes. Good news that should facilitate those using 3D software and want to view their productions in Magic Leap. Note that Magic Leap One mixed reality glasses are not yet available to the general public.