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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Top of the Best Virtual Reality headsets

Top of the Best Virtual Reality headsets unknown to the general public

Pimax, Varjo, HP, Veer, Lenovo ... discover the best virtual reality headsets unknown to the general public and available now on the market. When we talk about virtual reality headsets, we think directly...
Oculus Go vs Samsung Gear VR

Oculus Go vs Samsung Gear VR: Which is the Best Mobile VR Headset?

The Oculus Go is finally officially available, and is an excellent mobile virtual reality headset. Therefore, a comparison is needed with the device that severed as a reference in the mobile VR...
Virtual Desktop Play PC games

Virtual Desktop: Play PC games on Oculus Quest with Touch

Virtual Desktop now lets you play PC games streaming on Oculus Quest with Oculus Touch controllers. A new feature that will make use simpler and more comfortable. Until now, the Virtual Desktop software was able...
Varjo XR-1

Varjo XR-1: the first photorealistic Mixed Reality Headset

The Varjo XR-1 is an augmented reality headset by Varjo, the creator of the $ 6000-priced XR-1 virtual reality headset. This new device offers such a quality of image that it is...
Lenovo ThinkReality A6

Lenovo ThinkReality: A mixed reality headset to challenge the HoloLens 2

The Lenovo ThinkReality A6 is an augmented reality headset for businesses. This is a new competitor for the Microsoft HoloLens 2, which could well stand out for its openness to different operating...
Epson BT-30C - Augmented Reality Glasse

Epson BT-30C: Augmented Reality Glasses for Smartphone at $500

Epson launches the BT-30C: augmented reality glasses to connect to a smartphone or a PC in USB-C. Designed primarily for businesses, these AR glasses are a step closer to the democratization of...
4 major VR Headsets

A Short Guide to the 4 major VR Headsets to be released this Spring

In the coming months, the Oculus Quest, the Oculus Rift S, the HP Reverb and the Valve Index will be released. These 4 virtual reality headsets are highly anticipated. A short overview of...
Best Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Best Windows Mixed Reality Headsets: Guide and Comparison

Since October 17th, the first virtual reality headsets are compatible with Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform. They were released at the same time as the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. To help you...
Feelreal VR

Feelreal VR: Smell odors in Virtual Reality for $299

Feelreal VR is a mask that can smell odors in virtual reality. The product launch is scheduled for August 2019, for a price of $299. Currently, VR headsets can simulate sounds and images...
HTC Viveport Infinity

HTC Viveport Infinity: All about the Netflix of Virtual Reality

HTC Vive has just kicked the anthill with the launch of Viveport Infinity: a subscription service to enjoy a vast catalog of games in virtual reality unlimited for $12.99 per month...